Stop complaining

Stop complaining: Complaining does nothing to help the situation. It only ads frustration and anxiety. 3 positive things to do that will help the situation: 1. Pray in everything-ask and you will receive 2. Be content in all situations-in good/bad, rich/poor 3. Praise continually! Be grateful and thankful Renew your mind to the truth. How a complaint can be changed to being grateful. I hate that stupid alarm clock-Thank you God that I am alive and I can shut it off. This traffic sucks!-Thank you Lord that I own a car. I’m having a bad hair day!-thank you Lord that I have hair. I can’t stand my stupid job-thank you Lord that I am employed and have a paycheck. Now, get an empty jar and a stack of post-its. Every morning write what you are thankful for and place one post it in the jar per day. This will make you a more grateful person and help you to be content in all situations.

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